Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A first rug - Bragging Rights

This beautiful rug was hooked by my friend Josie, whom I met thanks to the Internet a couple of years ago. She was looking for hooking lessons, and at the time, I didn't have anything to offer.

We became email pals and she told me she had been buying wool garments at Goodwill for some time, and was developing quite a stash - all in advance of pulling her first loop.

So that she could meet some members of the hooking community, I told her about our Hook In. She came and that is where we met face to face for the first time. When Elaine Copeman and I started our beginner course nearly a full year later, I contacted Josie again and she came to the classes.

Winter classes always have the challenge of bad driving conditions and our four-week course last January was plagued with them, so I think poor Josie only made it to half of the classes.

But that obviously didn't slow her down. This first rug is incredible. It's a gift to her mother - a mat of her dog Effie.

She was kind enough to share it with me, so I am extremely proud to share it with all of you. I think that seeing projects that I am connected to in any way - no matter how small - gives me such a wonderful feeling. Finding like-minded souls who discover the joy of this art form will never grow old.

Unfortunately for me, but lucky for those who get to meet her there, Josie is moving to Nova Scotia, where I assure her there is no shortage of rabid rug hookers.

Good luck with everything Josie. And keep sending me pictures of your rugs.

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