Monday, April 30, 2012

Hooking Heaven

In keeping with the celestial theme (ha ha), I spent a heavenly afternoon hooking outside yesterday.
As I sat in my chair, I took some pictures to show you the view.

If you look really closely, you can see me reflected in the window - in the tree.

The sky and water colours were incredible.

It really was a perfect day.
April 28th was our 2-year anniversary for moving up full time. It boggles my mind that that much time has passed. That old "elastic time" syndrome. It feels like months or maybe one year, but certainly not two - until you stop and think about things that have occurred.

At any rate, a day like yesterday is the perfect reminder of all the reasons we made the decision we did. It truly was my "hooking heaven" - at least the outside one, cuz my studio is pretty amazing for inside.

I exchanged emails this morning with Peggy, who said she had a distinct picture in mind when she talked about Bev's chair in her hooking heaven. I am pretty sure it is different for everyone. The one thing I know is that hooking heaven is even better when there is someone there hooking beside you.


Susan S said...

Hi Wendie,
you truly have a hooking heaven place. I am so happy that your post shares with us what you have been doing and your post yesterday about hooking angels touched me deeply. I knew Bev was battling cancer again but have been so out of the loop I didn't realize that she lost her fight until your post. Who knew ten years ago that the internet could connect so many of us so quickly. I am counting my blessings and am so happy to have rug hooking in my life. I think the main reason I love rug hooking is because of the people and sometimes one forgets that aspect. So, off to design a small piece and to do some yoga rug-hooking style.

Wendie Scott Davis said...

Susan, you are another of the first folks that made me fall in love with hooking. You are right - it is so much about the people. I think we all do know just how lucky we are to have one another. We just maybe don't get a chance to say it as often as we should. Hope to see you - and give you a hug - at the Annual.

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