Thursday, April 19, 2012

A "Knowledge" Swap is a Wonderful Thing.

Yesterday, my good friend (and fellow OHCG Teacher) Peggy was coming to my studio for a little one-on-one session to learn some tricks on her new laptop - to help her hook mats from photos. She had wanted to come to one of my workshops but had a conflict with the dates, so we decided to get together - just the two of us.

Truth be told, I was using Peggy as a bit of a guinea pig to see if the information I am including in the workshop is (i) exciting to someone other than me (ii) easily understood and (iii) easily adapted from Mac to PC.  Plus, I was pretty excited to have another rug hooker in the house - it's been far too long.

She arrived bright and early and brought me this wonderful present. It's a contoured pottery leaf, just perfect for holding worms for your current project. Plus, it looks beautiful on my wood studio table as you can see.

Peggy was the perfect student. Although she considers herself a techie 'rookie', she was keen and focused and in no time at all confirmed at least (i) and (ii) from above. As to (iii), I learned that there is a big gap between Windows 7 and whatever version of Windows I worked on in my PC days! So the two of us had a bit of a treasure hunt trying to find all the tricks and shortcuts on her shiny new laptop.

Once the computer time was over, we ate a nice lunch and then came back down to the studio for Peggy's part of the "swap". We had been corresponding about some "wooly flowers" she had been making and she volunteered to show me how.

Quick as a wink, we had created this little masterpiece.

It was fun and easy and a nice way to use up little bits of extra wool from other projects. There are actually three little "clusters" in this pot - two of which she made in the time I made one. Hers looked much better to me until we put them all together and then you couldn't tell one from the others. I guess that's because they were all made from the same strips, so they all blend beautifully.  She said they are addictive and I can see what she means.

By the end of our time together, we each had a new skill that we hadn't had that morning. Plus we had at least 6 hours of uninterrupted time to spend together, which is a luxury unto itself.

Wool swaps are nice. Artist trading card swaps are fun. But in my humble opinion a "knowledge" swap is the best!

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