Monday, May 7, 2012


It seems that just when you need a little boost in the inspiration, it comes. And come it did in spades on Saturday at RUG. There were so many friendly faces and so many interesting, creative rugs in the show and share that I came away feeling revitalized and ready to put something new and wonderful on my frame.

For whatever reason, the pictures that I took with my iphone were horrendous! Green, blurry and not at all worth sharing. The unfortunate thing about this hook-in was that the usual display spaces for the rugs were all being used, so the only photo opp was when the rugs were being carried by - so lots of heads in the way etc.

But the variety in the projects that were shared was incredible. Beautiful pieces small and large, including the reveal of Jumbo, Jenn's massive undertaking. I am hoping this is a hint of things to come in the Annual display.  Some very original designs of many different things.

A few "years in the making" rugs were shown, including the longest rug-to-make story that I have heard. I think. I'm sure she said it was started in 1978 and finished in 2012.  With a few dozen years off in between for kids, life, etc. I'm feeling a bit better about some of my slower projects.

My drive back home was lovely. It's so quick when there is no traffic. Plus I got to see all those emerging leaves that have that special green colour that you only see in spring. It's nearly fluorescent and looks so incredible against the birch trunks and the blue sky. I pulled over on my road and took a couple of shots which are not green and blurry.

They almost look like green blossoms. I think there is a rug in here.....

Oh, and there is one picture that relates to Saturday, since I finished my bulky Buttony and wore it, to lots of compliments.

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