Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hooking Angels

On Saturday, I went to a Celebration of Life for a fellow rug hooker who lost her battle with cancer.
It was a wonderful service and I think if she had been there, she would have loved it - which in my humble opinion is the ultimate measure.

Before she was too ill, Bev asked Peggy to speak at the service. And speak she did - not a eulogy per se, but a very well-crafted, beautiful story. I had to sit on my hands to keep from breaking into applause. After she spoke of Bev and her family and friends, she said  that she could imagine Bev now.  No more wrestling with the ugly cancer giant (sorry for the bad paraphrase Peggy), but sitting in a comfy chair and hooking and laughing. It was an amazing image.

So driving home, I kept smiling to myself at the thought of hooking angels.  Imagining a group of those we have lost sitting around exchanging stories and wool and patterns. I am not a religious person, but the picture in my head made me very happy.

This is Mary Janet, a Trent rug hooking angel.
Almost to a person, the rug hookers I have met tend to be a really good bunch of folks. And I think in that group there are a number of "hooking angels" still among us. They share their time and talent selflessly. They are generous to a fault. They look after one another when it is needed most.

Everyone who spoke at Bev's Celebration talked about how important her rug hooking friends were in her life. None of us in the community would disagree with that. It is indeed a special bond. The number of hooking friends who drove from near and far to be there certainly showed that she was equally as important to us.

God speed, Bev. You certainly were a hooking angel among us. Your laughter was infectious and you touched the heart of everyone who knew you. And I know you will be with us at gatherings to come.

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