Monday, April 16, 2012

My New Colour Theory

Over the years, I have come to realize that we all have our individual colour palettes. We tend to wear those colours, decorate in those colours and make things in those colours - like rugs etc. My palette tends towards neutrals - greys, taupes, denim blue, burgundy, black and brown with an occasional hit of red.

Traveling south this year really made me stop and look at how my palette seemed totally out of place with where I was. In both Barbados and Florida, everything is lighter, brighter and louder. Clothing, jewellery, artwork, buildings. I was definitely drawn to the bright colours, because they are so much a reflection of the culture. And I had to be reminded to "step away from the taupe", when shopping for things like bathing suits. I was automatically drawn to the colours I would wear at home.

I realized that part of the influence on our palettes is geography. Here's an example of two beautiful destinations. But the skies are different colours, the water, the trees. The very light itself is different.
Maybe our palette choice is less choice than we make it. 

 When I got home again, I started looking at my palette, particularly my wardrobe, with a more "travelled" perspective. It was definitely influenced by what I saw while away and the things I wore there.

On the long road trip to Florida, I did some sock knitting that was reflective of my destination - one pair in a green and orange variegated wool and one in a bright yellow that even has a bit of neon in it.  One pair of these socks are for my friend Jane and reflect her love of bright colours. I think all the years in Barbados have influenced her palette and she loves these colours no matter where she is. Whichever pair she doesn't choose will stay with me.

I bought this piece of fabric the socks are sitting on while in Florida - to make something to wear down south next winter. The bright orange and fuschia aren't exactly colours I would wear here in Northern Ontario. But now I am asking myself why not?

Maybe I'm deciding that I need a little "hit" of something bright to liven up all my "dulls". I am going to try to wear something unexpected every day -  it's an orange or fuschia lipstick or a bright turquoise scarf. Or maybe those incredibly loud yellow socks under my Blunnies. A little secret smile tucked inside my boots.

Who says you can't teach an old dog a new palette!


Marti said...

It is good when your clothes make you smile. I think everyone needs some vibrant colors in their wardrobe. Have a great week.

Tony Latham - said...

wonderfully cool observations and ruminations on geographical color

thanks for your comment...
appreciate your support

fuchsia and orange and turquoise...why not...way to go... sounds

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

You're absolutely right! When we go to Florida, the color just abounds ~ I love all the funky colors and find that it is reflected in my wool dying!! We need to step out of our 'color box'!!

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