Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Secrets, Stripes and Snow

As I was getting ready to post yesterday, I realized that absolutely every hooking project that I am currently working on is a "secret". One is a theme rug for the OHCG Annual at the end of next month. One is a small part of a friendship rug. And the last one is a challenge rug. Oh, and I am also a tester for a fabulous new project for Jennifer, which is very hush hush.


So, what to share? I have two knitting projects on the needles - both top down - both striped.

The one on the left in the picture will be this pattern, which is called "Bulky Buttony". Mine is not quite so bulky and I am using the original pattern, which has gauge closer to mine. I will put all kinds of different coloured buttons on it, which will be fun. 

The one on the right is this one, called "Caramel", which is a finer gauge and slower going. I tend to have two projects on the go at once - an instant gratification and a plodder - satisfies both sides of my knitting brain.

I seem to be doing lots of stripes lately. I got a couple of striped tops in Florida and I got beautiful striped jersey to make a top. Not sure what's up with that.

Although it isn't doing it right now shhhhhh but here was yesterday.

We all knew we were going to have to pay for that 20 degrees in early March, but I hope this was a one-day thing. Seems to be gone this morning, but the forecast is a little iffy.

My consolation in not being able to share things right now is that I have a lot of future post material. Stay tuned.


Marti said...

Pretty projects, dreary weather perfect for working on your knitting. Have a good day.

Orange Sink said...

I admire your will power to keep those secrets! Lovely knitting and the perfect weather for it !!
Cathy G

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