Faceless Portraits

I have always believed that some of the best portraits of people didn't involved showing their faces at all. When I used to paint, I did a series of family portraits without showing a single face.

My husband's portrait was of him reading the newspaper sitting in a Muskoka chair - from the back. His hair, his feet up on the railing and the way he held the paper was distinctly him.

My daughter's portrait, also from the back, was her lying on a beach towel with her face down on her crossed arms. Her beautiful swimmer's shoulders and the dimples in them were as personal as her face.

And my son's portrait of hunting for salamanders in the creek, was from the bottom of his t-shirt past his jean shorts to his feet in the water - scratches and bandaids and all.  I will try to see if I still have the sketches to share.

I think they are portraits that are "universal" but very intimate as well. The mat that I did of the kids "reading in the canoe" was another one of those portraits that I had to hook.

Another one is on the frame. Finally after what seems like months, I am back at it. And this one is another "universal" moment captured. A toddler in the fall leaves. Everyone has a picture like this.  It is much too soon to be taking pictures of my progress, but I am so excited to be hooking again, I have to share.

Little rubber boots and a plaid fall jacket. You can't see them, but you know there are ruddy cheeks and probably a runny nose above the frame. How many times did we rake up the same leaves, just so they could jump in them and play with them.

I think Matt was nervous about jumping in at this stage. He left that up to his big sister and the neighbour kids. He mostly stayed around the edges of the pile and either kicked the leaves or tried to pick them up in his chubby little hands.

A perfect portrait for a fall day that will go on through time as long as we have leaves. This is a small piece - only 6 x 12, so I should have it done while the leaves are still falling.


Jen Manuell said…
I'm looking forward to joining you back at the frame after a long absence. It seems like it's been ages since I sat and hooked.....and this Fall-like weather is definitely getting me in the mood....
debra said…
What a sweet mat. I didn't hook all summer and just started back this past week--it feels great to get started again.
Seems I am not alone in getting back into hooking after a BIG break. It's nice to know that you are in good company in this regard. Thanks for all the supportive comments. W.

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