Toddler in Leaves is finished.

What an incredible Thanksgiving weekend! Good food, good company and the most beautiful leaf show by Mother Nature. How thoughtful of her to save it for the weekend when so many could enjoy it.

Inspired by the colours on the lake and on the road, and finding little pockets of time - mostly while others were sleeping or reading - I finished this little mat. I still need to "finish" it but have to figure out what I want to do with it first. (Or else that's my excuse for having so many small, unfinished pieces waiting for the decision. LOL)

I think I may put this on a canvas stretcher, along with some of the other smaller pieces. Not only does it keep them from curling, but it also makes them feel more like the impressionist 'sketches' that they are.

On the drive to and from Toronto yesterday - to return my daughter and have a quick late lunch with my son - I was overwhelmed by the splendour of leaves once I was north of the city. Even the yellow birches were illuminated by the other colours around them. They were positively glowing, which I had never witnessed before. And in some spots where there were lots of evergreens, the smaller trees with coloured leaves appeared to be nestled inside the pine boughs. Breathtaking.  (The city leaves are still far behind.)

Since driving and taking pictures is not a good idea, I wasn't able to get too many. But this one (yes, I stopped the car) is an example of how the colours together are amazing and how the birch trunks stand out against the colour. It truly felt like being inside a Group of Seven painting and the drive was like an art show versus a chore.

I think today is forecast as the last sunny day for a bit. The sun is sparkling on the water. The wind is bringing down lots of leaves (I guess their job is mostly done.) So hopefully today can be spent cleaning up the gardens and getting ready for what is lurking around the corner.


Marzipan Road said…
Love the colours in your toddler piece! Great job!

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