The Purse's Progress

Despite constant interruptions - some wonderful like my daughter's visit - some not so wonderful like hours and hours of blowing leaves - the purse is in the home stretch.

You know how every once in a while, something goes better than you hoped. This is one of those instances. To my delight, when I sewed the front to the back, the zig zags lined up perfectly and the side seams are virtually invisible.

Yesterday, after the leaf blowing olympics, I sewed the lining together, put the trim on the top of the bag and figured out a way to use a button that I have been saving for something special to close the bag. 

Heeding Jennifer Manuell's advice (brilliant as always), I decided to use the wool that I trimmed the top of the bag with to make a loop, which will come around the button to close the bag. I think it is going to work. At first I worried it would fight with the handles, but I think by positioning it further down the front, it makes a nice accent and will be functional as well. When I don't want to close the bag, the loop can just tuck inside and the button will be purely decorative.

Right now, all the pieces are placed in position to evaluate - and now that I see this image on the screen, I think I will really like it. The trick will be determining how to place the button so that it visually compliments the design, but also will function when the bag is stuffed with all my worldly goods.

Hopefully, I will be able to do the final assembly today......if my arms still work, that is. I think there are completely different muscles for holding a leaf blower for hours on end. (And they are slightly different again from the rediscovered muscles from sweeping at curling).


janemiami said…
If you ever want to sell a bag like this, I would be interested. This is beautiful. JaneMiami (twitter handle)
janemiami said…
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Hi Jane,
Sorry so long in getting back to you - crazy traveling days, etc. If you are truly interested in getting a bag like this, please email me and we can discuss. If you are a hooker, you will appreciate the time involved. If not, you might be shocked at what the price would have to be. But let's chat. Either way, I appreciate the compliments.

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