Hooking Fall Leaves in the Fall Leaves

What a beautiful day it was here today. So I decided to join my hubby on the lower deck and do a little hooking there.

When I realized I was hooking fall leaves, somewhat surrounded by fall leaves, I got Rick to take this picture to share.

Ironically, there aren't many fall leaves in this picture. But if you look closely....see behind the chair that patch of yellow....and next to my worm boxes, those scattered leaves. I'm not sure why the trees are so far behind this year, but they seem to be.

That big pine directly behind me has dropped so many needles, you can hardly see the stone path anymore. Here's a pic of that. (I am sitting on the deck to the left of that big patch of rust pine needles.)

And yes, the colours have begun - I'd say they were about 30-40% now. Here's a picture of the side of the bay that is furthest along. (OK, so maybe that looks more like 50....)

And some glorious colour on the road into our home.

Now THOSE are fall colours. Maybe they were waiting for our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend to really show off.


debra said…
We are beginning to get beautiful fall colors here in Michigan also. I love this time of year.
Christine said…
Lovely, thank you. And it think it's going to be a glorious weekend. Happy Thanksgiving.

Orange Sink said…
GREAT photo of you hooking! What a beautiful time of year and looks like you've had some gorgeous days!
You have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Cathy G
Schizo said…
I know this is the wrong location but can't figure out how to contact you otherwise? Sorry :-(

Would you have any workshops coming up to teach your hooked bags? Jeanius bags? Thanks!
Hi Schizo
Re the Jeanius Bag workshops, since I am now 2+ hours north of Toronto, I usually run the workshops when invited by a group - or at a school. Can you email me and let me know more information about where you are, whether you hook with a group, etc.
wendie.scottdavis@gmail.com thanks

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