Getting My Groove Back

Simple Things Shawlette knitted in hand-dyed sock yarn

After finishing up a few knitting projects, (this is a picture of a new little shawl hot off the needles and drying on the blocking mat) I realized that I need to catapult myself out of my prolonged hooking absence and get on with making some new mats.

So I spent some time on Rug Hooking Daily this morning and was inspired by lots of new photos on the photo page. Inspired enough to leave some comments and upload a couple of my new pieces. No sooner had my fingers left the keys than some comments came in. And there's nothing like encouraging words from fellow hookers to re-ignite that spark. Thanks to all of you who left comments.

In responding back, I found some new great works and a new blog to share. It's called Laura's Loops and Laura is one extremely talented lady. You will have seen her work in Rug Hooking Magazine and she is a very active teacher.

I'm sure you will LOVE her  blog. And her website too - you will find a link there.


Wendy!Your posts regarding no hooking for awhile have indeed done me some GOOD!
I also have fallen off the wagon in this respect lately . . .. I am hoping that now that fall is finally here I will get that feeling back and get going again . . .it seems to be a natural rhythm to being creative . . but I could do without it!
THANKS for this getting the GROOVE BACK post!!Feels better knowing I am not alone in this respect!

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