Monday, May 2, 2011

The "Girls" at the OCGH Annual.

Recovering from the Wedding and the trip to the other London this weekend. The wedding was definitely worth getting up early for, though I hadn't intended to do so.

Then I put the "Girls" in the car and headed to London, via Toronto. Elaine and I caught up in the car and the >5 hours of driving (both legs of the journey) went quickly.

Elaine helped set up the display, as did Wanda from North Bay. They immediately attracted a curious crowd, which kept up all weekend. Here is how they looked on display.

If you click on the images, (sorry they are a tad blurry) you'll be able to see some of the unhooked ones as well as the hooked ones. And if you want to see them up close and read the stories, go to

I didn't take too many other pictures of rugs in the display. I always find it a bit overwhelming when there are so many. And this is the first year that I didn't have two days to walk the aisles and take pictures, so I had to make my decisions relatively quickly.

I also find the vendor booths a bit overwhelming and can never decide what to choose, which is probably a good thing. I didn't have a list this year, or a project for which I needed to shop.  I only picked up four pieces of dark greys, greens and near black wool for students; a pair of purse handles, some sari ribbon and sari yarn for a yet-to-be-designed bag for Barbados next year.

Here are a few of the pics I took. The first three are all works of a "new" hooker, who created all three in her first year!!!

And here are a few more of the rugs that drew my eye. I wasn't smart enough to get the names and details. If you are one of the artists, my apologies.

I can't resist the Group of Seven in any medium. This is gorgeous.

A beautiful stained glass pattern - apparently quite old.

Another classic that caught my eye.

A portion of an amazing oriental - the borders were incredible.

Another amazing oriental - the workmanship is stunning

This one made me smile - but when you look closely, the detail is wonderful
I should have taken more pictures, but didn't. I also should have taken my better camera, which I will try to remember to do next year.

Anyway, a bit of eye candy to enjoy.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

I have a cousin in London ~ I should have worked out a visit! The bra display is just great! Looks like a fun day!

Christine said...

Those bras look like jewels hanging on a necklace. What a fabulous creative idea. BRAVO!


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