A Loss and a Gain in the Sewing Machine Kingdom.

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Kendra, my old Kenmore sewing machine. After a lengthy struggle with her tension and her relentless depositing of gobs of extra thread underneath the sewing on many projects, and despite my valiant efforts to rehabilitate her with TLC, new needles and a good cleaning, I decided to pull the plug. Enough suffering for both of us. Especially in light of my renewed interest in sewing of late.

So, it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Hazel Husqvarna, Kendra's successor. She is the third sewing machine in my lifetime. The first was a used Singer which my mother got "off the back of a truck". She served me well for a good 15 years, until she was replaced by Kendra. Kendra has been with me for about the same length of time. I'm not sure of the life expectancy of a sewing machine, but if it's like appliances, I guess she lived a good, long life.

Hazel has many of the same qualities and features that I loved about Kendra, but she has definitely got some benefits - over and above the not gobbing of thread. Above all, she is electronic, which means whisper quiet and doesn't shimmy the entire table as she sews. And she has a full array of stretch stitches, which are perfect for all the knit sewing I am doing. I'm sure we will become great pals.

I chose her name, partly because of the H-factor (for Husqvarna), but also because the only Hazel I knew (the maid from whichever show that was) was such a smart and hard working gal.  I am hoping this Hazel remains my partner in stitchery for decades to come. And, in the event that Hazel has difficulties in the future, I have a sewing centre in town that will be able to treat her.


Orange Sink said…
It is always a bit sad to see the old faithful appliances go who have served us well. Especially around here where it seems we don't replace them until they absolutely give up the ghost! The scary thing is they seem to be going all at the same time as of late!
I hope Hazel gives you many years of hassle free sewing.... I know the thread glob saga all too well!
I have heard a lot of good things about those Huskies.
Will look forward to seeing many nice sewing projects on your blog now! ( on my new bigger monitor LOL!)
Cathy G
Congratulations on the new addition to your family! I hope you have a long and lasting relationship! I have a friend who said her sewing machine hated her ~ I think she did not speak kindly to her or give her a sweet name like Hazel!
A new sewing machine is always a bit hard to get used to at first!!!Keep the manuel close by and then happy times are ahead for you for sure!!
I parted with my old Bernina last year . .but haven't been sorry for a secondAlthough . . . ..!I still keep her close by as she sews my rug labels better than the fancy new machine!

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