Monday, May 16, 2011

Reinforcing Max

I finally got around to implementing my hanging solution for Max and the Gang. I stuggled with the best way to reinforce the back of the mat without making it too heavy or cumbersome. I am happy I waited a bit to let the solution percolate, but it definitely needed something to hold it flat so that it wouldn't curl.

Yippee for foam-core!!!! It's the other thing that, like velcro, I can't imagine what we did before having it.

I took a few pictures of the process of attaching the mat to the velcro boards. All very simple, once I figured out the solution.

I purchased three boards that were 2' by 3'. I turned them width-wise across the mat and trimmed off the excess, so they were flush with the sides. Luckily for me, the three boards fit perfectly top to bottom, with a little space between.

I used upholstery thread to sew through the mat and the board and carried long stitches behind. (not beautiful, but effective)

I made sure to get the stitches between the rows. I used a glover's needle and a thimble. I went down each side and across the top and bottom of the boards.

With the little space between, I can easily fold the mat for transportation.

Although you can't see a big difference, the mat hangs beautifully flat now - with a little help from some magnet strips across the middle and bottom boards.

I am so happy with the way that this turned out, I think I will do the same thing with a few of my smaller pieces. You can get the foam-core "acid free" and the local framing store said that they use it for archival framing, so I know it won't hurt the hooked piece. Plus with the big stitches only around the perimeter, it isn't cutting off any air supply.


Christine said...

Reinforced Max looks fabulous! What an ingenious solution. I am thinking it would work for other applications too. Thanks for the idea.


debra said...

Great idea! Max and friends look right at home.

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