A Practically Perfect Mothers' Day

Well, that describes my day - hope all you other Mothers had a great one.

Rick and I drove to Toronto to have Brunch-and-a-Movie with our kids. It was a beautiful day and kind of sad to spend it at the movies, but we didn't have a back-up plan and we really enjoy seeing movies there versus our little theatre here in town.

Eggs Charlotte is the brunch of choice for the Davis Family and we all ordered the same thing! And the movie choice was Thor in 3D, which was fun.

The weather was perfect for driving, which is always a good thing. And we even sprung for a deluxe car wash - inside and out - another thing that we can't get here in PS.

I think my favourite things were the homemade card from Laura and the flowers from Matt. It was a switch up this year, since Matt is the one who usually makes homemade. They are the only cards that I save - in a giant shoebox - that is sacred.

Here is Laura's card.

She was about 3 months old here and that caterpillar was her favourite chew toy.

And she's about 336 months here and that is a monkey finger puppet.
Ironically, I was working on a design for a new "bug" rug for next year's Annual and not completely happy with where I was. One look at this card and I now know EXACTLY what I am doing.

And here are Matt's flowers.

Notice the "bug" in here too - must be kismet.
After many hours in the back of the car, I sprung them and popped them into a vase. They immediately expressed their gratitude by opening and filling the kitchen with their wonderful smell.

I love being a mom - even when the mothering events are a little farther between. Mind you, they all seem to be enormous events now when they do occur - but I can't imagine my life without my kids.
And that says it all.


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