My year of knitting lacily.

Last week I started knitting a very nice baby blanket for a friend’s new Granddaughter. Mom and baby Gavin are home safe and sound, and truth be told, I should have started knitting this blanket sooner.

It’s a fun knit, using different colours of sock yarn with frequent colour changes. It goes quickly and is a small size as you can see from this picture. For a future one, I will mix this new yarn with some of my leftovers. Or alternatively, have some very fun socks!! 

This is the picture from Ravelry. As you can see, it's a "wee" one.
I realized once I got going on it that this is the forth lace project in a row. Not intentional, but not bad for someone who used to have a fear of lace. So that is why I am calling this my year of knitting lacily.

Before I started this blanket, I started on my second version of this vest called “Juliet”.
I did the first one in a variegated red yarn and liked it so much I decided to ravel a cotton vest (due to butt sag – the sweater, not mine). And I got a pretty good start on it before setting it aside for the blanket.
This is the picture of the original pattern from Ravelry.
This is the red one that is warm and cozy.
This is a teal cotton one that should be perfect for warmer weather.
And I have a “car lace” project, a simple drop stitch scarf that I am making out of leftover cotton from another project. I have about 3 and a half feet done, and will get back to it when the first baby blanket is done.

A simple pattern that is very nice in the variegated cotton.
It seems that all the brides whose weddings I attended within the past few years are having babies in the next while, so I see a few other blankets on the horizon. Maybe lace. Maybe not.

By the way, I found all of these projects on If you are not already a member, you should think about it, if you are a knitter. The blanket and the scarf patterns were free – two of thousands. The Juliet pattern was a pdf download for a very reasonable fee – I think $6. But since I am on my second one already, the cost is down to $3. (ya gotta love the logic).


TamboinMO said…
That baby blanket is adorable!
Beautiful work Wendy!what lace!!
debra said…
I've also been doing lace knitting. I'm not much for sweaters or things that need to be fitted sewn together, but I like socks and scarves. And the occasional baby blanket as the need arises.
Ravelry is great! In fact the scarf that I have on my needles right now is a free download. It blows my mind how generous people are with creativity.

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