Friday, January 30, 2009

My week on the Learning Curve.

No, this is not me, nor is it either of my children, nor a grandchild even. This is what I have felt like this week with my computer.

I pride myself on being pretty computer literate, but what I am able to do I have learned on a "need to know" basis. And I become better by doing, as I think we all do. So this week, I have had fun and frustration, in equal measure, in the world of technology.

First of all the two new hooking social sites The Welcome Mat and Rug Hooking Daily have provided stimulation and entertainment in spades. My dilemma is trying to allocate the right amount of time to them, to allow for the balance of the other things in my life. So, I try to respond to comments and find new folks, but in measure so that I can get my day job done as well as my nocturnal activities - hooking and knitting.

The other new task this week is designing a newsletter for the OHCG Teachers' Branch, of which I am the new editor. Since I don't have the software that the previous editor used, I decided to create something in InDesign on my Mac - on which I am an infant for sure!!!

Under the excellent guidance of a co-worker who is a whiz at this, I am having lunch hour tutorials and learning as I go. This will be a valuable resource going forward, since I am very familiar with what the pros can do with this software. And the more I can do, the more confident I feel. Don't we all.

So the week has been extremely rewarding. Nothing concrete to show for all this cerebral activity, but I must say I have a feeling of quiet satisfaction in tackling new things and incorporating them into my life.

I guess that's what it's all about. Life is a big learning curve and as long as you control your speed, you'll do just fine.

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