Progress Report

As you can see from the pictures, it was a pretty productive weekend.

The coasters are done - at least hooked - so I can easily finish them this week.

It's hard to tell what the next picture is, but it's a funky Norah Gaughan sweater that has two long tails in front. I am wearing it today and will get someone here at work to take a picture of it so it makes more sense, but it's quite quirky and I'm sure not for everyone. I'm very happy with how it turned out.

The last picture is the progress on the mobius wrap. It's all leftovers that I don't have enough yarn for anything else and I love the palette. I realized as I was working with it that it is definitely my favourite hooking colours. I tend to wear more blues, but I love hooking in these classic "Group of Seven" colours. I love wraps because they aren't as warm as a sweater, but definitely take away the chill. And this one will be great with jeans and just about every top I own.

I didn't get to hook on Totem 40 because when I went down to the "future studio" yesterday morning, I discovered that we had a frozen septic pipe. Yuck! That meant that everything that should have been going into the septic got trapped in the pipe on the weekend and wasn't going anywhere. Eventually, it pushed up the flange on the master toilet and water was coming out of the pipe. Double yuck!

Our handy cottage keeper came to give us his opinion, and try to fix the problem. He's back there today (hopefully) with a plumber to remedy the situation. So, needless to say, we hightailed it out of them and came home.

Since our son came home for a visit (and a home cooked meal) I couldn't abandon him to my hooking. So, I watched the Raptors win and sewed the Norah sweater together instead.

Nancy's bag and the pattern will have to happen during the evenings this week.

Oh well, it's all progress, right? And I will make my deadline on everything, I'm sure.


Please tell me that you brought your Totem rug back down to the city - I'm hoping to see it in just 11 sleeps ;-)


P.S. Sorry about your septic problems - does Hallmark have a card for that?

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