A better view of Norah's sweater.

So, here is what the sweater in the earlier post looks like on.

As I said, definitely not for everyone, but I was definitely drawn to it the first time I saw it. Today, I have a simple, long jersey skirt and long-sleeved T. but I think it will also be great with a white long-sleeved T and jeans. I saw a few of them on Ravelry and people seem to like them with jeans.

A little bit different, for sure. But I'm happy to say it looks better on me than on the floor. Thank goodness.


Wow! Love that sweater ~ so funky and artistic!!!
It looks great - and just how I imagined ;-) Well done, friend.
Women Matters said…

Saw the sweater yesterday and was thinking how terrific it was and was thinking, "I bet she made it"!!! There is no end to your talents - what a great day yesterday - all of you did such a wonderful presentation and welcoming few hours. Thanks for your contribution of a Jeanius Bag and thank Lynda Lee for backing away from the auction.

Julie R

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