Absence makes the critic grow stronger.

It's interesting how, when you haven’t focused on a project for a while and then go back to it, you see things differently. Maybe being close to it for a long time, you get used to things the way they are. Sometimes you need to back away to gain perspective.

This weekend, because my Hook-in projects are finished, I had time to spend with Totem 40. Once I finished hooking the sky, I knew there were some things I wanted to change. I had actually made notes as I sat with the project, so I wouldn’t forget. I knew I wasn't happy with the noses on my kids. At the time, I wasn't sure what the problem was or how to fix it. But this weekend it became pretty clear.

When I hooked the faces originally, I did Matt first, Laura second myself third and Rick last. My face turned out best, and I think I realized it was because most of the lines on the nose were vertical and it made the shape and the shading look better, and I looked more like me.

Both Laura and Matt's noses had more horizontal loops in some spots, so when I did them over again, they were definitely better. And once the shape was corrected, they both looked more like themselves.

There are lots of ways to check your work. I have been using a minimizing glass/peep hole on this rug, since it is quite large. I have been taking lots of digital shots and looking at them on the computer. And I have been taking breaks from it, and looking at it with fresh eyes.

I'm sure I'm not done tinkering yet. I will continue to find things every time I look at it. That’s what I like – the ongoing lessons to learn.

Now is I can just figure out the best way to frame it….


From an objective point of view, Wendie ~ I think it's a great rug!! You look like you (the you we see in pictures) ~ and the guys look like real people ~ I think it's a great accomplishment!! You inspire me to do a face rug sometime!!
Lisa said…
That is great advice. I've got a painting hanging in my living room right now that I've taken down twice to touch up because it doesn't look right.My boyfriend says 'what are you doing, it looks fine?' But fine isn't the same as right!

I think your rugs are beautiful, thank you for sharing them with us :)

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