Friday, January 23, 2009

Projecting Ahead.

For me, January is always a time for organizing and starting fresh. A whole new year ahead, with all the possibilities it holds. Hard to believe it’s the 23rd already, when New Year’s Eve seems to be day before yesterday.

I invariably start the year by doing two things. I make a list of projects that I would like to do. And I clean up my space – as if organizing my desk and my mind to prepare to get on with those projects.

Part of that list is those UFOs that lie around. Some of them are hooked pieces that only need backgrounds finished or whipping. Some are partly-knit sweaters, or partly-raveled sweaters that are no longer in “my favourites” and will be re-invented as something new. Every one of these has been added to my project list, along with the new ones.

That’s right. I actually created a spreadsheet in excel to be able to scan at a glance all my great ideas and projects that I have outlined for myself. I guess it’s my attempt at putting order to my creative process. Truth be told, I think it almost works the other way. The more I tell myself to focus on the list and not add to the list, the more ideas that churn around inside my head. And get added to the list.

However, the list also serves as a reminder that I already have an inventory of great ideas that are waiting to be explored or hooked or knit or designed or whatever. In case I'm feeling uninspired. But, if I want to keep adding to that list, that’s perfectly fine. The longer the better, as long as I live to be 150+.

Part of living with the list is organizing the short term and the longer term projects. Some have actual deadlines and those are the ones I need to focus on. I have always was deadline-oriented. Always will be, I suppose.

Here is this weekend’s project list, the supplies for which will come to the cottage with me:

1. Finish hooking two “house” coasters for guest presenter at hook in.
2. (If fnished 1) work on Totem 40 on Sunday morning (deadline for Annual).
3. Car and movie knitting – start mobius wrap from leftover yarn.
4. Finish assembling sister’s purse – an IOU from ages ago.
5. Draw house pattern on backing for silent auction.

Not sure how much of the list I will get done, but I got a good start on the first coaster last night, so I am feeling optimistic. And the weather forecast is for -24 up north, so I think that might be a bit nippy for X-country skiing.

Less skiing = more projecting.

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Sheri said...

You've already done alot more than alot of people. You at least have a list!! You can do it. Crazy me started a whole other craft today. Journaling. I read about it on The Welcome Mat and couldn't resist. I already had all the stuff, just needed something to motivate me to using it. I'm also in the middle of a hooking project that I drew. It's a view of our garden in the summer. I need more than one project to keep my mind occupied.

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