Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Feels like a brand new bag.

My face bag is my all-time favourite hooked purse. Just one little problem with it - the strap was starting to self-destruct and I was on the hunt for a replacement.

When I saw Jennifer Manuel's new bag(Fish Eye Rugs - see link in favourites), I knew those handles were exactly what I needed. They are leather and are manufactured by a company called Grayson. She buys hers from a yarn shop in Huntsville Sheep Strings (see new link at right). I called Karen, the owner, and asked her if she could send me two pairs - one brown and one black. They were on their way the same day, and arrived on Friday. I'm pretty sure it would have taken me longer to try to find a local supplier and get there to pick them up.

So, first thing Saturday, off with the old and one with the new. It was a little tough getting into all the pre-punched holes on the attachement parts, but after a few pricks and some choice words muttered under my breath, the strap was on. It's amazing in so many ways. It looks better. It's much sturdier (is that a word?)and it doesn't slip off my shoulder.

The colour selection is incredible, including fuscia and purple (yummy). They are sold in pairs, but you do have the option of putting on a single or using two - depending on the size of the bag. Now I'll have to think of another bag for the black one, since I am sharing both pairs with my sister Nancy.

It's also fun to see how a simple thing like changing a strap gives an old bag a whole new lease on life. Hey....I'm talking about my purse.

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Sunnie said...

Hi Wendie!
Your "face" bag is great!!! What a fun idea! I've thought about hooking a bag or purse...but it hasn't gotten any farther than thought!!!! One of these days I'll try it!
I'm having fun with the new rug...who knows what it'll look like after I get through with it! LOL
Hugs to you, Sunnie : )

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