Monday, July 21, 2008

A Wrist Rest

For the past week, I have been experiencing increased weakness, numbness and occasional pain in my left wrist - by the way, I'm left wristed, so this is not good.

I am wondering if it is the "after shock" of all the hooking required to get ready for both my Trent Showcase and my Rosseau Farmers Market Day. Even I have to admit, there was a bit of a sprint to the finish line for both of those.

But then, I am also thinking it could have been all the hand cutting I did at the cottage a week ago. I thought I had left my cutter there and was dying to do some hooking, so I cut by hand. I guess this is an unusual motion for my hand - or at least a different one, and on Monday I thought it felt a little tender.

As the week progressed, so did the discomfort. Yikes. In the midst of it all, I saw my dear friend Jennifer's (Fish Eye Rugs) post about her rotator cuff injury - is my wrist in cahoots with her cuff? Could be. Luckily, I have a brace tucked away in one of my bathroom cupboards, so I pulled it out and started wearing it at night.

You see, I have been down this road once before. A few years ago, I knit everyone socks for Christmas. In total, I think I knit 24 pairs. Again, a fixed deadline meant lots of sock-knitting, no matter where I was. And, sure enough, I rang in the New Year with a little carpal tunnel syndrome.

So, this has been a forced slow down week. Not complete stop, mind you, because that would be like going "cold turkey". I had to allow myself a little time on the frame each day - or at least every other. This is what happens when your passion causes you pain. When the thing that centres you most causes stress and strain. This is not good.

Can I give up the keyboarding at work that also seems to irritate it? Not likely. Because there is a pay cheque attached to that demand. So, the self-imposed slow down on the hooking front will remain in place for a few more days.

Luckily, I have some other things to do to get ready for Rosseau Day 2 - including creating a sandwich board - so I will be distracted for a bit. But I do have a few things on the list for August 8, so I hope I'm right as rain soon.

I know I am not alone in experiencing this overworked wrist phenom, but in this case misery really doesn't love company.

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