Friday, July 4, 2008

Some day my studio will come....

If you look carefully at this picture of the cottage, you will see two windows on the lower left side, barely visible through the trees. These are my future studio windows, which have a wonderful view of the lake.

Thanks to the not-so-wonderful weather on the long weekend, and a dedicated day with an oh-so-wonderful helper, I have now set up a hooking spot in my future studio - and I can look out those very windows.

The entire day Saturday (after attaching my new purse handle) was spent with my son Matt going through the big pile of stuff in the basement that had yet to be unpacked. (I broke up 20+ boxes and took them to the recycling station, so I know I made definite progress.)

My aim was to clean out the centre of the space and set up a work station under the windows facing the lake. So the first order was to move all the unused dressers and other pieces of furniture that could be used for storage to the outside wall. Once we got them there, we could actually unpack the millions of boxes and put things away - labelling them with painters' tape so that we could see at a glance what was where.

We did what we could to make it "homey" and comfortable, including creating a little sitting area with a couple of folding chairs, a cot, an old TV and a big mirror to bounce the light. It is adequately functional and will do until the budget is there to finish it properly. Just being able to set up my hooking and leave everything "as is" is such a luxury, aesthetics are definitely an after-thought - and they will get there eventually.

The space may not be glamourous and yes - it is in an unfinished basement with concrete floor, vapour barrier and concrete block - but it is all mine! If I squint really hard, I can see how amazing it will be with real walls and ceiling, good lighting, all my supplies and a couple of tables, etc. etc. I'm sure I will wile away many hours in this special place. In the meantime, I am happy to steal away any moments I can to work on projects that are already set up and ready to go. What a difference that makes. And I can get a feel for the future Rugged Moose studio. Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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