Monday, July 28, 2008

Signature palettes.

While thumbing through my latest Rug Hooking Magazine last week, I realized how individual people’s colour palettes are. When I read the article by Karen Kahle on primitive flowers, I found I recognized not only her style, but her colours. And I’m sure if I spent more time noticing, I would see it applies to many of the featured hookers among us.

Certainly, I have noticed that I gravitate to the same colours. I guess that’s why all my rugs all seem to work together. The colours I choose over and over again are quite similar and that keeps them harmonious.

If you look at these two rugs as an example - one primitive and geometric, the other a fine cut oriental, you will see the same colours present in each. This was not a conscious decision and they were done a few years apart, so my palette has not evolved very much.

Some of my friends have such a consistency in their colour choices that I can pick their rugs without even looking at the label. Some people gravitate to brighter colours, while others stick with a more subdued palette. It is definitely not a reflection of their personalities, because some of the most outlandish hookers I know consistently choose a very quiet palette.

Why are we drawn to the same colours over and over again? It’s fascinating to think about. It’s also interesting to think that they are the colours that we notice as well. Are we drawn to rugs that have similar palettes to the ones we use? This might explain why everyone seems to have pictures of different rugs after the Annual.

I think our colour palette is just another example of what we inherently have inside us. Like a singing voice. Like a signature. When I used to paint, I was a real blender. I always wished I could be more impressionist in my approach - just lay paint on and leave it. But I was a blender and continued to be a blender. That was my painterly voice. I could consciously will myself to paint differently, but it was not my natural voice.

I have hooked projects in different palettes. Some called for something different. A few were gifts that were hooked in the recipient's colours. But, they are not what I would choose to use, and they always feel a bit odd.

I’m happy to stick to my signature palette. It’s definitely where I feel most comfortable.

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Sheri said...

Wendie, I agree with you completly. I gravitate towards primary colors. Maybe because I was a painter and a "mixer" too.
You can do anything with red, yellow and blue! Just look at the color wheel!
Love your blog.

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