Monday, January 28, 2013

Busy Students

Well, I may not be pulling loops, but my students certainly are busy!! I got together with some of them during the week - one only by email - and got progress pics of where they are on things.

Although weather and distance make it harder for us all to get together as often as I would like, they are amazingly dedicated and get here when they can. And they all are able to carry on without me (at their individual paces) and are wonderful about sharing photos so that I can see how they are progressing. I offer advice when requested - and even when not.

Here is a pretty much completed 'photo to mat' done by Barb. I LOVE it. She is very excited about these little "postcards" and has a bunch more lined up and ready to go.

Cindy has shared pictures via email of her progress on the new moose mat that we designed together. She is a new hooker and this is her biggest project yet - it will be a 16 x 16 pillow when it is done.

Shania has started a very large project, based on the design I did for my stacked washer/dryer mat. It's hard to believe that she was once timid about textures and only used Dorr wool.  Her foray into a primitive rug that is all textures - and is 24 x 40 - will be fun to watch. Here is her beginning.

And last, but certainly not least, is a picture of yet another project done by my most prolific student.
I met her at a workshop in August - she had never hooked before. She has now done 2 rugs, a bench cover, this runner. Wow! Unfortunately, she has gone back to work and can't join the Wednesday class, but we get together when we can to plot her next project. She was here this weekend to get help designing two pillows. Here is a little geometric runner she completed for her "purple" dining room.

They will all be checking in with me while I am away. The internet is a wonderful thing!  I will continue this "not hooking" stretch for another 6 weeks, since my suitcase just doesn't have the space. But I will be back with a vengeance when paradise is lost. LOL.

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