Monday, January 21, 2013

More NOT hooking.

Another busy week that saw nary a loop pulled. Lots of stitches of the sewing and knitting kind, but the hooking has definitely been put aside for trip countdown. Here is this past week's yield:

Motley is finished.  Motley is a re-knit of the fabulous Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn that I frogged from a crop jacket that definitely did not turn out like the picture!!! Fit issues and scratchy issues, so I am sure I will be happier with it's successor.  I definitely still love the colours here and it was my first entrelac knitting adventure, which turned out quite successfully. All those little keyholes give you a zillion ways to fasten this when you wear it.

It may be my transitional piece on the plane to Barbados, over my jean jacket, over another top. Then I can just remove it and the jean jacket once I get to the tropical climes at the other end.

Here is a little top I made that may go under the jean jacket. It has a number of the same colours in the print as Motley, so may just do the trick. These wonderful jersey fabrics are so nice to work with and sew cool as well. It will be a great top and/or coverup when I get there, but for the flight down can even handle a long-sleeved t underneath. Layers are definitely the way to go when spanning a 40+ temperature fluctuation.

Another little dress got finished, made from some very bright, fun jersey that I found in Florida last year on my first venture into a Joanne fabric store. This is light as a feather and should be multi purpose as well when I get there. I think I will see if my button stash has these colours for another necklace.

And the hexipuff pile continues to grow. The total is now 34, with 7 being done on the trips to and from Oakville this weekend for Scott Family Boxing Day. I can see them becoming the new way to measure "time and distance" lol. I will soon know: "How many hexipuffs to Barbados?" And though I may lose track of what day it is, I will be able to say: "Oh, that was 26 hexipuffs ago."

That designer was not kidding when she said they have taken on a life of their own. Sort of like that Star Trek episode, The Trouble with Tribbles, where those little furry things kept multiplying (why do I remember things like that?)

At this number, I have still not sampled all my little balls of leftover sock yarn. I have a couple that were knit from the same self-striping sock yarn but look completely different, since they come from different parts in the pattern.  It's incredible how little yarn they use, so I really think - unless I want some different colours - I can probably do a few hundred without spending a penny on more yarn.

Only 9 more sleeps till we are on the plane. This coming week will be about list making, and test packing, and getting all the things I need onto various electronic devices. Books on kobo. Recipes on computer. 

And, if I have any extra time, I may just pull a few loops so that I don't forget how.

We have a house sitter this year, so no worries as to what the dustbunnies are up to while we are gone. The only niggle was making sure the sitter gets out for the weekend visits by our kids. But it is good knowing the house will be left secure in very capable hands. 

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