Monday, February 4, 2013

Sharing the Warmth

We are settling into our idyllic surroundings very nicely. Right now, I am sitting on our patio with my laptop on the table, a gentle Caribbean breeze blowing the palms all around me. No, we are not overlooking the water, but this is still pretty awesome. 

I have some pictures to share that will hopefully bring a little brightness and warmth to your day.
And no, they are not pictures of us frolicking on the beach or anything like that. I will save those for later. Or maybe pictures of someone else frolicking.

These are pictures of some of the most incredible flower arrangements I have ever seen. On Saturday, we went to a Harvest Fair (the 25th Annual), which is a fundraiser for St. James Parish Church here in Holetown. It is a big deal with food and craft vendors and raises lots of money for the restoration on this amazing 400-year old church. 

The centre piece (no pun intended) of this event was these arrangements, which were all over the church. I managed to snap a few pics with my iphone - amid the crowds and the not ideal lighting. 

But I still think they speak for themselves. Enjoy. I sure did!!

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