Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Busy NOT Hooking

Well, two weeks today and we will be in the air, en route to paradise.

So, I have been busy making things for that. Each year, I revisit the wardrobe - what worked, what didn't - what did I not have enough of, etc. So this year, only a few change ups - more skirts with multiple tops and more coverups (decent enough to wear to the grocery store on the way back from the beach).

So here is a shot of the production this year. Two skirts, one top and a cover-up/dress. The skirt pattern is a simple A-line from Amy Butler called Barcelona. Although she tends to line everything, I didn't want these to be too warm, so I didn't. Instead, I inserted a contrasting colour zipper and did a waistband out of bias tape to match. So easy - so comfy - and I hope so cool. (weather, not fashion). I also really love the overskirt in the pattern, but definitely don't need another layer for Barbados.

Since I had lots of the black and white batik, I made a little tank top to go with the black skirt. And the white cover up can also be worn with the black skirt. So a few options there.

The next thing I made was a "button" necklace, from my various button jars. It was based on a necklace that I bought last year (on the right in the picture). The purchased one was made of wooden disk beads that were strung with small beads to hold the disks and larger beads to separate them. It had a cluster of bright shells and beads in a cluster on one side (in the left of the photo)

When I bought it, I thought it was a great way to use up my buttons. So I bought some hemp thread and some wooden beads in anticipation of making. When I sat down to actually do it, it was fast and fun. I just need to attach some ties and it is good to go. I see a few more in my immediate future.

Next, in order to keep my carry on as light and efficient as possible, I decided to pack my large ipad holder in the bottom of my suitcase and make a sleeve for on the plane. I chose some blanket weight wool I had in my stash, attached some fusible batting, appliqued on a few red wool pennies, some buttons and a tab and it is perfect. Protects without weighing me down. And it was easy to figure out.

Last, but not least - and not really to take with me, but to get the pattern firmly etched on my brain - I made quite a few "hexipuffs" for the Beekeeper Quilt  I posted about last week. Once I got the hang of the cast on, I find that they incredibly quick to do and, as described, the perfect mobile project. So my carry on bag will contain a ton of little bits of wool and a little bag of stuffing, which will become puffs while in the air. If you have a sizeable sock yarn stash, or are just curious, spend some time looking at the 4900+ posts on the pattern page in Ravelry. It is incredible what some of the folks have done.

It is not an overstatement to say they are addictive. Like the potato chip adage, this is a case of "bet you can't knit just one". It is so much fun to see them unfold that you can do two or three in an evening. Or in between curling draws on Bonspiel day LOL.

Of course, this means that sock production has fallen off, but something's gotta give, right?

I have 20 in this picture and so far have not exhausted the stash of leftover sock yarn. Once I have done "one" from each mini ball, I will start to do multiples. But it is quite an eye opener to see them all sitting together, versus having the leftovers in a bucket on the shelf. And since each one takes so little yarn, I will be able to keep going for a very long time without purchasing a thing.

All of this has pushed the hooking aside for a bit. But I am thinking I might just have to pack my tiny frame and some warm weather hooking materials like sari silk and panty hose in case the hooking bug bites while I am gone. I do have a couple of ideas in mind and really, is there anything more inspirational than the scenery in paradise? I think not.

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