Thursday, June 28, 2012

Goodbye June

Is it just me, or are the months going by faster? Seems like yesterday it was the first of June and we were so happy to have summer here. Yikes.

Anyway, today's post is a bunch of bits and bites from June.

First of all, the Dead Fish Hat window display is up at The Purple Sock.  Lynn, the owner, was kind enough to send me the pictures, which look awesome. The hats are all so different!!

What a great display. Even the little mannequin children are wearing the hats.

Love the net and the other props - great job Lynn!
Next up, a rug that was hooked by my good friend Debbie. It did take a bit of time, but she is one busy lady, so I'm impressed that she got it done. She is an art therapist and seems to be into a lot of wonderful,  interesting things lately.

Here is her rug, which she designed a while ago for her daughter Erin who loves whales. You can definitely see the talent behind this rug. All I did was show her the mechanics of pulling loops. She did everything else herself. An amazing first rug if you ask me!!!

And to end the month on a high, I spent a few days in Peterborough this week. A visit and sleepover with the ma-in-law on Monday and then off to my friend Jane's for rug hooking fun and a Wing Night at a restaurant in Young's Point.

Jane lives in the Peterborough area and she and two friends have made the leap into becoming hooking suppliers, mostly because they couldn't easily find supplies in their "hood" and decided  to "go for it" themselves. They are doing some incredible dyeing and have an interesting business model. They will bring their wares to hooking groups within a 100-km radius. I think of them as "Wool on Wheels" and envision little red wagons full of wonderful fiber arriving at hooking get-togethers all over their neck of the woods.

I got to catch up on their progress on Tuesday afternoon and then joined 19 friends for wings and beer that evening. Such fun!! Then Wednesday, the regular hooking group got together and we spent a delightful few hours hooking, laughing and enjoying each other's company.

Here are a few pictures from the get together. I love the candid shots at a hooking get together. There is a palpable energy level and everyone is having so much fun working on such diverse things.

Other Jane is working on a mini mat based on a Japanese wood cut. Completely hooked with silk.
Hostess Jane has started a new Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern. Great red for that house.!
Helen, Wendy and Gwyn multitasking - having lunch, sharing design ideas, talking and laughing                             surrounded by wool and friends. It's the best!
Hostess Jane in front of an amazing piece of art by the group's friend Marilyn.
Helen showing off a little swatch dyeing - gorgeous colour!
A little fiber - this is actually yarn, not roving
Gwyn's amazing project -every colour in the rainbow. Can't wait to see this rug finished.
We were joined by a 91-year young mother-in-law of one of the women. She kept saying that she wished she had a notebook so she could capture all the things we talked about in the time we were there. As usual, we solved all the problems of the world!!

I can't believe it is Canada Day long weekend tomorrow and then July! Wow.


Orange Sink said...

I wished I lived closer to join in all the fun you are having!! Awesome first rug that your friend Debbie hooked! Unbelievable for a first rug! I need me some art therapy!!
Interesting business concept... wool on wheels.... keep us posted on how that is working!
Thank-you so much for your encouraging comment on my blog today.... it's been a rough haul here lately. I have nothing on my frame which makes it all the worse! LOL! Your pics of the lovely ladies all working on their wonderful pieces has inspired me... so we'll see if I can get something going now!!
Hugs and happy Canada Day Weekend my friend!
Cathy G

Debbe said...

Hi Wendie! Sounds like you had a fab time in P'boro! I ADORE Debbie's FIRST RUG??! WOW! That is her FIRST??!Amazing! I also LOVE the idea of "Wool on Wheels", what a great idea..I remember as a child in New Brunswick I was always so thrilled when the Book-Mobile would show up in our little town..we didn't have a library and I was/am an avid reader, so it was always a treat!! Love your Blog! Debbe

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Looks like great fun! And the 'first rug' is very impressive! A natural born hooker!!!

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