Monday, June 11, 2012

Frivolity and the Fish Hat

So, the Dead Fish Hat has definitely been the hit of the week! Everyone loves it and I had lots of fun taking pictures of people wearing it. As suspected, my son wants his own, so I may have to knit a few more, which will be a joy.

My daughter with my son peeking from behind.

Rick, looking suspiciously like St. Nick.

The only shot of my son where he isn't clowning around.
See what I mean, but I guess this is the hat for it!!

A young cottage neighbour...

and her dad.

On a different note, another neighbour, who is an emerging sculptor, installed this in one of the ponds over the weekend. I have always been a fan of knit bombing, so I guess it stands to reason that I really liked this. Apparently, he placed it there at 3 a.m. It is right beside the road, so there's no missing it, yet somehow it seems totally in place where he put it.

White balls on metal rods, like some intergalactic flower.
And last but not least, in case you think I have totally stopped hooking, I realized that I forgot to share a picture of the Snug as a Bug in a Rug rug. Here it is.

The Bug theme display at the Annual this year was the largest in my memory (which is holey at best), but the variety was incredible. There were beautiful recreations of bug beauty, as you can see from the fragment of the rug on the left.  Mine was about as buggy as I could go, since I am not a real fan of very many bugs. But there was even a VW bug, which I thought was pretty clever. The winning entry was for three dimensional bugs, standing proudly at the foot of the display. Sorry I didn't take a picture - as I said, bugs aren't my favourite subject. Jenn has a few snaps on her blog.

And, in closing, I am back on the frame, starting a summer series of things we do here on Salmon Lake in the summer. I should have something to share by next week.

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Hooked on a Feeling said...

Love the fish hat, can't wait to try the pattern myself. On another note,do you know what the theme will be for the 2013 annual? I haven't heard yet.

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