Thursday, June 21, 2012

Three Passions - One Day.

It's not often that a day includes three of your major passions. But today was just that kind of day.

Passion 1: Rug Hooking
Start with a rug hooking meeting in Barrie (about an hour and a half from where I now live). The meeting took place in the Starbucks at the Chapters in Barrie, since I couldn't really think of another place that was easy to find and happy to have you loiter for however long the meeting took.

We waded through what needed to be covered, I heard all the great stuff about the Green Mountain Rug Hooking School in Vermont last week - now on my calendar for 2013 - and we caught up on other stuff. Yes, it would have been better if we had actually hooked, but I'm ok with that.

While standing in line to get my drink, a very dear friend showed up - so random because she never goes there and neither do I - but we have been trying to connect for months. I think it is a sign that the Starbucks is our "place",  so now we just have to figure out a time.

Passion  2: Sewing
I left the meeting and headed to the Fabricland in Barrie to try to find fabric for a bunch of patterns I have in my stash. I had success with the following ones:

This tunic is totally cool and I got a graphic navy and cream fabric.

I got a black and a white batik to do this skirt. Not sure about how to embellish in the front yet. Later.                                You gotta love the pockets!

No luck with jersey, but three striped chambray combos for this wonderful little french dress.

I really don't need any more sewing projects, but lately, I have been buying Vogue patterns when they are on sale for $3.99 or $4.99, which is a far cry from $30. I get email alerts and there is always something.....

I am proud to say that all the fabric for these, plus a separating zipper for the tunic and taxes came to the grand total of (drum roll please)  $67.29. Let's face it, none of these could be had for that, let alone all three.

Passion 3: Knitting
I stopped in at the Purple Sock in Coldwater, expecting to see the Dead Fish Hat display, but poor Lynn has been crazy busy and hasn't had a second to put it up yet. Soon - and when she posts about it, I will go and take pics.

But, never one to let an opportunity pass me by, I took a look at her pottery yarn bowls and am now the proud owner of this one:

If you are new to the land of pottery yarn bowls (which I am too), you put in your ball, feed it through the slot, and no more chasing your ball around the room, deck, wherever. I am seriously considering an introduction to pottery class in the fall, so I can see about making some of these as gifts for my fellow knitters. (Someone should seriously shoot me before I add another potential passion to the list.)

So, a very good day all around, even with the driving. And now even more projects to add to the list. I now have enough rainy day projects to last for a very long time. But I can move around among the 3 passions and have something wonderful to do in all of them. Yippee.


Debbe said...

Three times a charm!! Good for you for having such a great day! Your yarn bowl is gorgeous! I have one too and am considering another one...good grief Debbe, enough already!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Sounds like a perfect day! I love it when the universe is working for us!

Debbe said...

OK, if someone has to shoot you fro getting involved in another passion/hobby, (pottery)then I guess I had better get my back up against a wall too...for I am beginning to think that spinning art yarn would be a fun thing to do!! OH NO! Not another piece of hobby equipment!!lol!!

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