Monday, May 28, 2012

How Proud Am I?

Me and my imac are back from the OHCG Annual. I'm sure there are a week's worth of posts in the offing, but first and foremost, I need to boast about my extremely talented friends Jennifer Manuell and Elaine Copeman. I have known how creative and talented and wonderful they are for years now, but this weekend it was confirmed by all the attendees at the Annual.

Elaine won the award in the Wide Cut Category for her fabulous rug "Bertha at the Beach". This rug is Elaine's homage to the larger girls who enjoy a frolic at the beach as much as anyone. And every time I was in the vicinity of the rug, I heard such laughter and joyous comments, there was no doubt in my mind she would win. We should have set up a tape recorder to capture the comments.

How fitting that Jumbo was hung right next to Bertha in the "independent" section. Those who have been following Jumbo's progress on Jenn's blog were thrilled to see the finished rug. Those who hadn't seen it before were gob-smacked. Jenn walked away with the Rowan Award for Best In Show.  As you can see, that award included some awesome hardware - The Stanley Cup of Hooking.  I have a feeling that many people were inspired to go home and start their own big rug project.

So my very biggest congrats to both of you!!! I am so proud and honoured to be in your company on such a regular basis. And I'm sure the swelled heads will be back to their normal size by Wednesday or Thursday. LOL.

Much love to both of you.


Kim said...

The beach rug is great. Reminds me of a few ladies I have seen around here in the summer :)
And Jen's Jumbo.....well, what can I say. If she had not won Best in Show it would have been a crime.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

It must have been fun to see both of these great rugs!! I love the beach babe ~ I can relate to her! And Jen's rug is out of this world! Wonderful that she was rewarded for all her efforts ~ although, her reward is this great floor covering!!!

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