Monday, May 14, 2012

Feeling the Mother Love

Like many of you, I spent the weekend celebrating that day of the year that we moms hold sacred. Even though I still long for the melted plastic cup brooches and the home made cards, my two wonderful offspring still manage to make me feel pretty special. This year was no exception.

It was a "divide and conquer" weekend however, since our son had to work and wasn't able to commit to the Sunday plans which also included his "Gram". So we drove to Toronto and had a quick lunch with him on Saturday before heading to Peterborough for the Sunday celebration with Rick's mom.

Since my son is a real flower giver, along with whatever else is in his arsenal, I requested perennial plants instead, and he greeted me with 10 smiling asters!! They are now safely planted in both the front and back gardens, so I will see Matt no matter where I look. (Nestled amongst the plants was my favourite candy bar "Eatmore". And an appropriately goofy card.)

The Sunday celebration with our daughter yielded the prequel to Glass Castle (a book we both read and loved) and some new CDs for my itunes collection: Every Mother Counts 2012 (a CD that raises funds for maternal-mortality reduction around the world - this is year 2), Gotye, Bonnie Raitt and the soundtrack from Country Strong (which Laura played on her ipod last time she was there - and I kept asking about). Her new beau gave me a beautiful arrangement of flowers. And we went out for a fantastic brunch too -  the bonus meal deal LOL.

We drove home yesterday enjoying the leaves-in-progress on the trees and a beautiful sunny day. Sometimes that drive feels very long. Yesterday, it just felt like a nice Sunday drive.

After we got in and got settled, we relaxed in front of the TV and watched the last of the Players golf tournament, something that we very rarely do.  And something wonderful happened.

I was struck with a vivid memory of my own mother, something that doesn't happen that often anymore: she's been gone for 36 years. She used to love to watch golf on TV. She would become very vocal in her opinions, sounding more like a hockey fan than golf. It was out of character for her and it always made us laugh - after all, it was GOLF.

But, fittingly, I felt close to her yesterday - as if she had tapped me on the shoulder to think about her on Mothers' Day.

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