Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Doing it Again!

Our OHCG Rug Hooking Annual is this weekend, and as always, I am sprinting to the finish line scrambling to get everything ready.

I am teaching a 1/2 day workshop on Saturday and it is incredible the amount of STUFF that I need to do for a "hands off" workshop. I am sharing tips and tricks that you can do on the computer - the attendees will watch the demos and hopefully go home and play on their own computers.

It's amazing how much time it takes to get ready for this.  Hours and hours spent putting together a two-sided handout, getting all the visual aids ready (I am a firm believer that a picture is worth MORE than a thousand words) and then building a PowerPoint Presentation that I will show before the demos. Yep - lots of time invested for such a short gig, to be sure. But it is something that excites me and I love sharing - a definite labour of love.

So, even though I haven't yet started to pack all the things I need to bring, what did I decide to do at the last minute? Finish the little "goodie bag pattern" that we all got last year. We each received a Bodacious Babe and some fun little stuff to hook her with.  I think I started it at the Powwassen hook in last summer and then hadn't touched it since - in fact, nearly forgot about it till it showed up this week. And I decided to finish her and take her to display with all the other Babes.

My Babe was already hooked, but she needed a background and a back story.  I came up with two choices for her story - the first was a lamp post and a car pulled up (LOL) - the second was floodlights and legions of adoring fans in a packed theatre.

I opted for the latter, since somehow the thought of the other kind of hooker, although it tickled my funny bone, might not appeal to everyone. So here she is. Ready to have the backing basted under tonite.

Ta - da. I am not so sure about the Babe, but I sure LOVE the audience - it was so much fun to do.
And isn't what this is all about - a weekend of fun with people who are all crazy about this art form.

On with the show!!!

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Orange Sink said...

I wished I lived closer to you! I would love to attend one of those workshops! Love the "babe" and how fun!!! You are so creative!!!
Cathy G

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