The Art of Appreciation

This past week, I had an amazing thing happen.  Something that made me feel so good about doing something for someone else, I'm sure my head grew two sizes along with my heart.

A friend that I knit a sweater for a few years back got in touch with me by email. She said she wanted to send me something and needed my snail mail address. I was curious as to what she would possibly be sending, so I asked. Turns out that she was wearing her sweater, thinking of me, and wanted to say thank you again for making it for her.

Understand that although I knit the sweater, she paid for the yarn and bartered something of incredible value in exchange. So, as far as I was concerned, it was a very good trade. But here she was, years later, thinking of me and wanting to say thanks.

I don't think, in all my years of knitting things for people, have I ever had someone quite so grateful. There was certainly no need to send me anything, other than the thought, but indeed she did. When the parcel arrived, it contained a pair of earrings that she thought would be stunning with something I own. And a beautiful little piece of wool, keeping them safe inside the 'thank you' card.

As the title of this post declares, this kind of appreciation is definitely an art form. And she does it better than anyone else I know.


Marti said…
E-mail is a nice way to be recognized, but there just is something about a physical note that is special. The tactile experience is so satisfying. And that your friend included a gift makes it so much more special.
An Earth Mama said…
Now how cool is that?! All of us need to do that much more often, don't we?! Thanks for sharing this!
Very cool Wendie...
thanks for the nice comment on my post...I hope to try to post a least once a week....keep my fingers crossed...

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