Perseverence and You Tube - One Great Combo

Since I was heading out on Friday for a road trip to many destinations in Ontario - Parry Sound to TO - TO to Oakville - Oakville to Peterborough - Peterborough to Parry Sound (approximately 8.5 hours stuck in a car), I decided to take a couple of small "car projects" to knit while on the highway.

Although we had perfect driving weather at each phase, I did have a few bumps on the knitting highway.  However, I did manage to finish one of the projects and get well into the other.

Here's the hat that I was working on. It's a free Ravelry download called "A Better Bucket" and I have had it in my files for a long while. Figure it is a hat that will work with glasses. Will keep the head warm without causing major "hat head". Decided to use some plain black wool and I will find a perfect button or use a bunch of brooches, so it can go with all manner of coats. It's a very easy knit and fits very nicely. Just need to block it and I will be good to go.

The second project was another free pattern, called Buttons Cowl, designed by Tanis Fiber Arts. It has an amazing cable-style stitch that I love. I saw it knit at our last Georgian Bay Fiber Guild meeting and was in love.

(I had to include the picture of the down in the cowl, cuz it's too funny NOT to share.)

I was not off to a great start with this project. The first yarn I chose was a homespun that was too busy to see the stitch detail. And I was having a heck of a time with the pattern, even though I thought I knew what I was doing with the LT2 and RT2 stitches. After frogging the silly thing three times, I switched to some plain black wool and decided to see if I could learn about the stitches on Google. The first few links described them exactly the same as the pattern did - no help, if I was doing it wrong.

Then I decided to see if I could find a video on You Tube. I am obviously a visual learner and it had certainly worked for my crochet stitches - and my ukelele lessons (LOL) so why not! Sure enough, I found them both there - little darling videos which quickly showed me that I was doing it wrong!! They were tiny little videos, since I was watching them on my iphone.

Once I saw the error of my ways, I was up and running in no time. I felt very mature about not giving up and flinging the project out the card window after the third frogging. And I am happily now on
on my third repeat of the pattern. I will take pics of the real items when they are done and pressed and have buttons, etc.

The moral of this story is "If at first you don't succeed, go to You Tube". I am convinced you can learn to do anything there.


Hi, I have been having a yen for some knitting project. So I downloaded this cowl and will buy the yarn from Tanis (she only lives the next street over from me) how convenient :) I just hope I can get those stitches,if not, I know where to go LOL
Orange Sink said…
You Tube is certainly one of the great wonders of the century! I'm glad you found the help to not abandon that cowl as it is darling! I really love that hat too!
Be sure and show us your finished projects!
Thank-you for your encouraging words on my blog and new blog! I have really been stressing about the project too for my beginning rug. hooking class. I've gone back and forth and I'm still leaning towards the log cabin mat because of the straight lines. And I think it's a pattern that most everybody loves and fits with all styles of decor.
Happy creating!
Cathy G

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