Happy 2012

Another bright and shiny new year, with no mistakes in it. What possibilities there are each January 1st. I have many things I want to accomplish this year and look forward to a long list of creative challenges. I am way past "resolutions"!

In a farewell to December, I had hoped to finish the lettering on my Santa mat, but didn't quite get there. I got as far as DECE yesterday, before I tackled the cap and decided on a treatment for the inside border as well as the toys in the night sky.

So this morning, as the first of my things not to postpone in this new year, I finished the letters. (If the background around the letters is not done, does it still count?)

This is becoming a mixture of fibers (you can't tell, but the letters are sparkly material - swimsuit or ballet costume that I got from Jenn last year - she calls it "dreamy" and I think it is perfect for this project).  I might applique the holly leaves and hook around them. Will give that a try and see what I think.

There is yarn and roving in the beard, eyebrows and the fur on the Santa hat. The candy cane beaded inside border is done with yarn. There is also sparkly yarn around the doll and truck in the sky. And some yarn in the background around the lettering. 

Once I get all the elements determined, I will be o.k. if I have to put it aside to tackle the other projects that are looming. At least when I get back to it, I will know what decisions I made. And next year, I will find the perfect place to put this happy face.

Happy New Year to all of you. May 2012 be filled with exciting creative challenges and lots of sharing in the real world as well as this wonderful virtual one. And many thanks to all of you who have followed along with me during 2011. I think I am very lucky to have some wonderful blog pals out there.


Christine said…
Very best for 2012 to you and your family, Wendie.

I will be following to see what great things you get up to this year!

very nice - can't wait to see it finished..
Orange Sink said…
Wow! Am waaaaaaay behind on my blog reading!!
That Santa rug is wonderful!!
It's been so great having you as blog buddy!! Hope we have lots of time to make posts and dream and share again this year!!
Smiles and Hugs!
Cathy G

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