Monday, February 6, 2012

Only 6 More Sleeps Til Barbados

And the making is nearly done.
The bag was actually done last week, but I didn't post when I finished - too busy sewing and working, I guess. But here it is.

It is very big! So it will definitely hold everything, and then some.  I am still in love with the braided handles. I will do a test pack today, though there is the issue of the laptop that one of us needs to carry, so I may end up with a backpack with a laptop compartment.

Here you can see the lining (which I thought was kind of Caribbean feeling), but this shot is to show the rings I found for the handles. They are actually curtain clip rings with the clips removed. I thought black would be too harsh, so was happy to find these ones - kind of antique white - just sitting on the shelf waiting to be brought home.

Here's a better look at the lining. I had a bunch of quilting squares that I used to make the pockets. Lots of fun colours inside. I like that the whole thing is washable. Extremely important in an off-white bag.

And here's the (I think) last of the dresses. This is an Amy Butler pattern that had incredible instructions, but as it is fully lined and VERY fitted, it took many hours. If the others were a sprint, this was a marathon. But I think it was worth it. It fits me perfectly.

You can't really see from this picture, but the fabric print is high heel shoes. Here's another pic so you can see.

BTW, I am not wearing a mask in the first picture. That is what happened when I tried to "remove red eye" without knowing what I was doing. I couldn't un-do and it was already off my iphone, so there you go. Kind of mardi-gra-ish.

So, let the packing begin. Hopefully, once that gets under way, the lists in my head will "settle down".

Good thing we have peeps staying while we are gone. They can stay on top of the snow and keep things safe around here.


Tony Latham - said...

very cool bag..
scary photo of you...the lack of eyes had me wondering...dress is awesome though
i'm so jealous that you are going somewhere room in your suitcase for a stowaway???

Orange Sink said...

Room for one more stow-away? Tony and I won't take up that much room!! LOL!!
ADORE that bag..... yummy fabric lining! The dress... gorgeous..... so worth the sew time...... you look Mahvalous!!!! I thought you were sporting some kind of new fashioned sun glasses!
You have fun and will look forward to some views from Barbados!!
Cathy G
Thank-you for the kind words today...... I now have 10 students and class filled to cap.!! Yay!!

Anita Hebblethwaite said...

that dress looks fabulous on you; love the lseeves. i would say "very worth the effort"
have a great trip.
anita h.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Your dress is fabulous !! And I did think you were sporting a mask ~ I thought ~ well, I won't say what I that!!! Barbados looks great ~ on our to-do list!!

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