New Year, New Interruptions

It's only just after four on New Year's Day afternoon and already I have been on a couple of side trips. And they have been wonderful diversions from what I should be doing today.

I visited my friend Christine's blog and followed her links while I sipped my coffee this morning (little did I know that her visual would be two deliciously artistic lattes). One link led to another, and before you knew it, over an hour had passed. I just love it when that happens.

And I made a new blog friend this afternoon and have to share her link. Her blog is called It's All About the Wool and I need to go back when I can linger longer. But even in my short visit, not only did I  download a delicious looking shortbread recipe, but I also discovered a very cool video at the bottom of her page. It seemed the perfect thing to share today - 29 Ways to Stay Creative.

You will enjoy your visit to both of these wonderful blogs.


Thank you Wendy - love having more new friends visit the blog.Joni

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