Monday, September 19, 2011

Sometimes all you need is a rainy afternoon.

And we had that today to be sure. Incredible winds that eventually brought in the rain. So I had an afternoon to spend inside and no work waiting for me on my computer.

Amazing what you can accomplish in a few hours. Here is the front (or back) of my punched bag - all punched.

I was thinking how the colours were unusual for me, especially the green. And then I put it on the oriental carpet in the dining room to take this picture and practically laughed out loud. All the colours in the bag are in the carpet!!! We do really come with a palette, don't we?

For those of you who haven't punched, here is where I left off last time. And I took this picture of the in-progress bag and the handles. Something screwy with all the colours, but in real life, they look awesome.

As I begin to hook the second side, I have learned many lessons from the first. I will share them in a future post when I see if my learning makes side 2 better.

Stay tuned.

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