Monday, September 19, 2011

Enuff with the Baby Stuff!

Well, nearly enough. I promise not to keep doing knitting posts and get back to hooking (or at least punching). But before I do, one more little shot of "adorable".

Using the same sock yarns, I did a little hat that is newborn size and so cute with the blanket. And then I couldn't resist doing a few of the little "bunny nuggets". They seem to be just the right size for little hands to hold.

Now that the baby knitting is done, I can move along on my other projects - of which there are many.

I am just doing the sleeves on this "slouchy cardigan", which I knit before in a yarn that didn't suit. Hopefully this yarn will work, as it is now on its third iteration. I am becoming the Queen of Ravelling.
When that is done, I have some beautiful yarn with a delicious colourway that may turn into this Noro pattern.

And this dramatic lace cardigan has been waiting patiently to be knit for some months now. It should actually come ahead of the one before, so I'll see when I finish "slouchy".

And then, in true September style, I have made a list of hooking projects too. Lots to whip and finish, but a whole set of stair risers, which I think I will do in a combination of wool strips for the "critters" and punch needle backgrounds.

That of course, after the Bala Bag is done. 

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