Monday, February 1, 2010

My homeless angel.

Well, it's now 6 days since the sign went on the lawn. It's the 6th day since the menfolk were banished to the cottage to avoid all the showings at the house. And it's the 6th day that I have had to hide somewhere until it was safe to come home.

My friend Elaine has been the best hideout angel! Not only has she given me shelter and food and drink at night, but she also made my lunch for the Teachers' Branch meeting that we went to on Saturday. (She even wrote my name on the brown paper bag - now that's a real flashback if there ever was one!)

Not that Elaine isn't always a great friend, but the woman really goes above and beyond for friends and family. She is so thoughtful and kind and never hesitates for a second to lend a hand, or a meal, or whatever. She has certainly taken care of me through this upheaval.

And she's no rookie to this whole moving business. I think she moved three times in the short while she was in Florida.  She's moved twice since she came back. And she has professional credentials as well, which make her so wise in her ways. She was a real estate agent in Florida and is a stager/designer here, so understands all the ins and outs of doing this (versus me who has only lived in two places in the last 30 years).

I'll have to think of something very special to express my thanks when this is over. Hopefully, tomorrow we will have an offer and I can start messing my house up again with things like food smells. (It's quite amazing how clean it stays when only one person is there and only for sleeping and the occasional cup of coffee.)

Anyway, thank you Elaine. I sure am lucky to have such a special friend!

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