The Start of the Future Studio Finish

These pictures are the first in a series I will share as my studio gets finished.

It is the one part of the cottage that didn't get completely done when the reno was taking place. Reason - we ran out of money - BIG TIME. For those of you who have renovated, this is not a surprise. It's more the rule than the exception. And I was happy to organize my space with vapour barrier and concrete block.

But now that the house is sold, we are getting this room finished before we move here full time. There's absolutely no point in filling the basement and then having to move everything out of the way for the contractor. So this weekend, we had two people come to talk to us about timing and cost. Yikes, here we go again!

In the bins are my studio things - plus some other stuff that got put in the basement during the reno - like toys, puzzles, games - that we just haven't gotten around to dealing with. The wall of odds and ends is a variety of goodies that also didn't find a place. So my son and I just organized it and labelled it - and now it's time to pay the piper and really sort through.

A lot of this is men stuff - tools and carpentry supplies that will go into a wall of storage shelves being built under the centre part of the cottage. The wall they are currently occupying will be filled with bins of wool and yarn when this is all done. Yippee!!

The men stuff shelves will be done first, so that all of this can get moved out of the way. Then the finishing of my room will begin.  I am very excited!!! It will have walls, doors and a real floor - plus some good lighting.

The plan is to make the finishes flow with the rest of the cottage, so there will be horizontal pine boards on the wall - it will give the same effect as the log, but be less costly, and easier to display stuff on. I'm hoping for a cork floor, so I can have the warmth of carpet with sweep-ability for all the wool dirt.  I'm sure the next owners will be more interested in a beautiful family room than a hooking studio, so that's the level of finish needed.

Next weekend, I will have to box up everything that is in my hooking area. Good thing I bought 10 rubbermaid bins yesterday. I still have 5 left, which I will fill with no problem.  And the room will be finished by the end of April, which is approaching at warp speed. So much to do at home as well as here to get both ends ready.

I'm looking forward to getting everything organized. And to not being the only person who enjoys this space - that I'll be able to entice people for classes and workshops - or just a wonderful day of hooking now and then. I have a few cottagers who are eager to learn to hook, so I know I'll have a few punches on my dance card.

Stay tuned.


Corinne Burke said…
I feel your pain, I'm still setup in the Dining Room with stuff stored in the attic and closets, awaiting the Drywall and Electrical to be done in my basement aka Studio.
Kim said…
I'm envious. I dream of having a hooking studio/room but I don't envy the renovations! I live in a 100+ year old house and each little project ends up being a huge, expensive mess with lots of un-welcome surprises! Hope yours goes smooth.
Orange Sink said…
Your plan sounds like you'll have everything you need and more. It will be worth the wait and work. Hang in there through the renovations! Cathy G
Deanne said…
Wendy, there is nothing better than planning it out the way you want. Today I was in my spot downtown , all by myself, all day. It was a storm day. I was cozy in a nice purple sweater. I love the feeling that I got to create the space, and then make stuff in it.

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