One Proud Mom

This is my son Matt at his Convocation at University of Guelph last Wednesday.

Finally, more than a year after he actually got his degree, we finally got to go to the ceremony that made it all official. That ceremony where he receives that piece of paper that makes us proud of his academic accomplishments and also the fact that he hung in there and didn't give up on his university journey. It took a while, but he got there!

His grandmother and dad and I got to go and sit through a wonderful speech from Pamela Wallin and a convocation address by someone from the states who apparently changed the face of engineering in the 70's. Oh yes, and the only baby stroller, complete with crying baby, ended up directly in front of us. I do love babies, don't get me wrong, but I just feel there are certain times when a sitter is completely appropriate - and this was one of them.

It seems like just a minute ago that Matt was a little baby - slight exaggeration, but I really can't believe that he's a grown man who requires me to go up on tippy toe to kiss on the cheek. And now he is waiting for the grown up part of his life to begin.

But isn't he handsome in his gown!!!!


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