Monday, January 25, 2010

LOST Socks

Not to be confused with MISSING socks, these are two of the pairs that I knit while watching the 5 Seasons of LOST. There are two more pairs that my husband refuses to part with – one in the wash, one on his feet.

I have always been a TV knitter – can’t seem to sit still while watching, so it’s a good busy thing, as long as the pattern is easy. I am also a TV hooker, but only when the show is easy – which LOST is not. It has so many twists and turns that you really have to pay attention – not look down too often. Simple socks are perfect, and I have the pattern memorized.

I must say that it was a fun way to watch this series – getting lost in it – no pun intended. And I would heartily recommend it to anyone. It’s amazing writing, acting, everything.

And so incredible how scenes from Season 1 mysteriously re-appear again 3 seasons later – from another perspective. Very smart. This was obviously well mapped out from the onset, so the storylines criss-cross through characters and time in an unbelievably complex way.

I’m sure there will be more socks to come – that aren’t specifically LOST. But my sock time is about to be cut wayyyyy back. No more driving to the office after this week (I’ll be walking the 3 blocks to the new location.) And once we move north, there will be far less more to-ing and fro-ing to the city.

However, I have wool for at least 5 more pairs of socks, so will find time somewhere. Perhaps starting with Season 6 of Lost.


Kim said...

I'm a TV knitter and hooker too, but not socks. Could never master the heel, but I can crank out knit dishclothes by the dozens. And you are right, LOST requires attention. And Grey's Anatomy generally gets my full attention too.

hebbs said...

hi wendie, me too! can't just sit and watch, but we usually watch sports so that is easy to knit or hook during.

couldn't help but notice; do you start socks with the toe? i have always started with the cuff. would love to know how to start at the toe for a change.


Kim said...

Thanks Wendy. I book-marked that link you sent me and I will give those socks a try.

Wendie Scott Davis said...

In case people double back for comments back, here is a link to the toe-up sock pattern that I use regularly in my sock knitting.

It's on and is called Widdershins


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