Happy 2010!

This is not a hooking picture, but a sample of the view that greeted me pretty much every morning of my holidays. Not one that I would get tired of too quickly. Sorry there's not a picture of progress on anything, but this is pretty darn "pretty" don't you think?

Certainly, I did enough stuff over the much-enjoyed holidays to warrant a picture or two, but I just didn't take any. But from the 24th of December until this morning, I enjoyed every moment of my winter break and got lots done.

As per tradition, we had Christmas in our house (the last one there, boo hoo) and then Boxing Day at my sister's in Oakville (hopefully not the last one) and then headed north on the 27th. Our Christmas feast was delicious as was the Boxing Day buffet and many leftover goodies made their way up north. Those that were not consumed did not get brought back.

I worked away on Max and meant to take a picture, but it's just soooooo big that without taking it completely off the frame, you really can't tell. I did get to roll to a totally new section of the project, though, which really is a good sign of progress. And I plan on having this whole thing finished in time to display at the Annual in April. With a definite deadline, I'm bound to get it done.

One of the highlights of the time at the cottage, along with some cross country skiing and wayyyy too much cooking and eating, we ended up discovering the first two seasons of LOST. Our daughter figured it was the perfect opportunity to devote some time to it and brought it with her on the 27th. Rick immediately was hooked, so we devoted part of every day to watching and managed to plough through two seasons!! (She brought seasons 3 and 4 over last night. They will take far longer to get through, but we are now devotees and since she got Season 5 from Santa, we have our watching all laid out for the foreseeable future.)

Since knitting and LOST go so well together, I actually managed to finish a sweater I was working on and get a sock and a half done. I'm totally incapable of sitting still and just watching, so easy knitting is definitely the ticket. And I have yarn for 6 more pairs of socks, so that can just keep going.

Before we headed north, I purged my hooking room/office at home, disassembled my cube shelves and packed all my wool into Rubbermaid bins to transport up to the "future studio". Although I had some separation anxiety at the thought of not having my stash with me, I knew it was the thing that needed doing, and I actually managed to clean out the whole room on Christmas Eve day. Amazing what a difference it made. Now only a zillion more rooms to de-clutter!!!

So, before I came back to the city, to stave off wool withdrawals, I sorted all the wool and took a strip from everything! That way, if I need it in a city project, I can get more from the now-labelled bins at the cottage.
I still have to get it all organized on rings, but will do that at some point this week. A pretty productive and relaxing time, all told.

Now, back to normal. Am tapping this entry at my desk, postponing opening my email to see what awaits, but I must go now and do that.

No big resolutions for me, other than to embrace this new year of change. And to give my poor body a break from the too-much food and too-much wine that were enjoyed on the break. But after all, that's what makes holidays so special, isn't it? I never beat myself up over it, since that would kill the joy. My theory is that as soon as I stop "over-ing" everything will go back to normal. So far, that theory has held true.

So happy New Year everyone. Let's hope it's a happy and healthy one for all of us!!


April DeConick said…
Happy New Year to you too!

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