See Jane hook.

This is my friend Jane’s first hooking project. Isn’t it great????

Jane is my longest non-Frederictonian friend. I met her when I first moved to Toronto nearly 40 years ago. In fact, it might be exactly 40 years ago.

She has moved around a fair amount – well anyone has compared to me, but we have always managed to stay in touch. She’s definitely one of my “quality not quantity” friends and we seem to be able to pick up where we left off, no matter how much time passes between visits. I love that kind of friend!!!

She lives outside Peterborough Ontario, which makes it far enough away that visiting spontaneously is a bit difficult. But email does help a bit, and one of her daughters is working here in Toronto and I got to have lunch with her a while ago. So, arm’s length, but still connected.

Two summers ago when I pitched my class idea at Trent, Jane came to see the rug display at the Open House. She was quite taken with the hooking and while at the show introduced me to her Wendy who is an experienced hooker, and another Jane, who also wanted to learn to hook. They cooked up a scheme to get together for lessons. And, although it took a year longer than expected, they did in fact get together. She calls the group she gets together with on Wednesdays, the Group of Seven. LOL.

I’m not sure why it’s such a thrill for me to have love of rug hooking be another connection with Jane, but it is. I guess whenever your passion “rubs off” on someone else, it’s exciting. I know I was thrilled when my sister Nancy fell in love with hooking.

So here’s to Jane! I think she did a fabulous job on her first project. And I hope there will be many more. I also hope that I can make my way to Peterborough and pull a few loops with her new hooking group. In the meantime, we will stay connected through email, this blog and our latest shared passion.


That is a GREAT first project!! She is on her way!!!

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