Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Hooked Snowman vs. The Punched Snowman

Following my friend Jennifer’s lead, I decided to make a few snow folk this year as Christmas gifts.

So far, I have hooked 2 large ones and punch needled two more. I have also hooked some half-pints, which are adorable and very fast to do. I have also thrown in a few Santa’s for good measure.

Looking at them finished (but not assembled), I am faced with the question, which do I prefer, the Hooked Snowman or the Punched Snowman? Both have good things going for them, and I’m pretty sure I’ll like them all once they are put together and have their eyes and arms and hats, etc.

The punching was definitely faster, and I do like the texture I got in mixing two yarns. But there’s something about the strip mixture in the traditionally hooked fellow that I really love.

Before I do any more, I think I’d better see how tough the assembly process is, cuz I have no idea and may end up with some flat ornaments instead. I’ll take pictures again when they are assembled and you can see for yourself which you prefer.

(I actually finished the punched fellow last nite, but I'm waiting till I have his arms and nose before I show the final result.)


Jennifer Manuell said...

You sneaky Pete - posting mid-week. I can wait to see him when he gets the arm transplant. I'm sure he'll be cute! ;-)

Jennifer Manuell said...

Ooops! I meant to say I CAN'T wait.
Quite a different sentence without the "'t" (guess I'm still adjusting to my new keyboard...)

Jennifer Manuell said...

where is my 2nd comment? It's a no-show.
I meant to say CAN'T wait....which is different that what appears in my previous comment. Sorry 'bout that - still breaking in my new keyboard....

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